I produce three different Spanish shows. Here's how each will help you differently...
Spanish Quickies:  The show that put me on the map.  The majority of my videos are Spanish Quickies.  Spanish Quickies usually focus (deeply) on an important grammar subject.  These are the longest, most complex videos I make.  They're meticulously planned, researched and shot in a professional studio.
Spanish Tidbits:  Sometimes I want to tell you about something interesting (a weird word or grammar quirk?) but it doesn't necessitate an entire Spanish Quickie.  That's a Spanish Tidbit--brief and off the cuff.  A "Tidbit" is smaller than a "Quickie" =)
Gringo on the Streets:  Grammar and vocab are important AND can be really fun...  But REAL LIFE is what it's all about in the end.  And that's where Gringo on the Streets comes in.  I love to travel.  And when I walk the streets of Spain or Latin America, this is where I show you some of the cool/interesting stuff I see!